Born to play baseball. That characterizes Will Dicus best. From a very early age Will was an athlete. He loved all competitive sports, once scoring 29 of his team's 31 points in a pee-wee basketball game. But baseball was special to him. He was the star pitcher on any team he was a member of through age 12. Then the rules changed. What was initially diagnosed as stress fractures in his left shin continually bothered him. Further tests revealed Ewing’s Sarcoma - a rare form of bone cancer that primarily shows up in teenagers. Immediate chemotherapy for four months followed, then surgery to replace his left tibia with cadaver bone. He had a full leg cast for six months while the doctors told him his athletic future might include golf at the best. The chemotherapy wasn't killing all the cancer cells which had begun to migrate to his lungs and chest. The last five years of his life had Will traveling the country for experimental treatments.

But through it all he played baseball. Will pitched a no-hitter for his high school JV team and a one-hitter as a Varsity player. He even got a pinch hit single, knowing the only player on the other team who couldn't throw him out as he limped to first was the left fielder. So, a slap hit to left field it was. He ended his high school batting career with a one thousand average and his pitching career without losing a game.

Will passed in summer 2009. Nothing would please him more than to be able to help youth baseball and youth baseball players in the High Country.