Rules 10u


Age date is May 1. To be eligible a player’s 11th birthday must be May 1 or later. Birthdates of all players are to be listed on the Tournament Waiver Forms.

Unless otherwise indicated in this local rule sheet, play will be governed by the current Tar Heel League Rule Book and the National Federation of State High School Association Rule Book.

Coin flip will determine home and away for ALL games. Winner of coin flip may choose home or away OR dugout preference.

Manager may elect to use continuous batting line-up or standard NFHS substitution line up. If using a continuous batting order, any player leaving the line-up for any reason will result in an out their next at bat (but only once). Teams may play with a minimum of 8 players, but if playing with 8 the missing player will be called out each at bat. Courtesy runners are allowed for pitcher and catcher but must be a player not in lineup or last out with continuous batting order.

Line-Ups are frozen. If using NFHS substitution, any of the starting players may be re-entered once per game, provided such player occupies the same spot in the batting order. No DH or EH allowed.

Pool play games will be six innings with a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes. Elimination games will be one hour and fifty minutes. Next inning starts with third out of last inning. If a game is tied, extra innings will be International tiebreaker. Player making last out of previous inning will be placed on second base. One extra inning will be played in bracket play and remain tied if no winner after the extra inning. Game will complete in elimination game.

One offensive or defensive time out allowed per inning. On defense, pitcher must be removed on second visit in the inning.

Roster – 14 player limit. May use different players each day as long as they are on the 14 player roster and signed waivers are on file.

Mercy rule is twelve runs after third inning and ten runs after fourth inning. Team may concede if behind by 15 runs at any time.

There are no pitch limits. Managers are in charge of all pitching decisions. No pitcher/catcher limitations except that once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he may not return to pitch for the remainder of that game.

Bats must not exceed 36 inches in length with a diameter of 2 5/8 inches. BPF certification of 1.15 or less.

All players must have a helmet on when outside dugout. There is no on deck circle. Face masks are optional.

Runners leaving early (ball must reach plate) and runner failing to touch a base will be called by umpire (delayed dead ball). Tag ups will be an appeal play.

No dropped third strike rule (catcher does not have to catch strike 3)​

Home team is responsible for keeping the scorebook. Managers should agree to score after each inning. Scorer shall agree with scoreboard operator after each inning.

Each team will supply three baseballs per game.

Only players and adult coaches/scorekeepers allowed in dugout. One adult must be in the dugout at all times. A maximum of 4 adults allowed in dugout. No bat boys/girls allowed.

Bracket play seeding: 1) Won-loss record in bracket games; 2) Total defensive runs allowed; 3) Coin flip or random draw (if 3 teams are tied for a seeding position).